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About Modellagio

Modellagio takes the real world into the virtual world.


We are specialized in realistic 3D fashion design and animation.


Our work takes place in the digital field of fashion and technology, creating haute couture and customizable fashion experiences.


Even if you don't have a brand or a product yet, Modellagio helps you with Brand and Product Concept, 3D Fashion Product Simulation, and Apparel Prototyping.

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C&A Foundation supported Modellagio.

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Modellagio helps you with Brand and Product Concept, 3D Fashion Product Simulation, and Apparel Prototyping.


We provide speed  to your design and development of fashion product, shortening the time to market and impacting a better use of material and time in the prototyping of your parts, which makes the work more sustainable.


We create fully digital collections for the Fashiontech, Gaming or Communication sectors and help companies increase their productivity, transforming analog processes and expanding to the virtual environment.


From virtual showrooms to physical-virtual experiences, we help you expand your business opportunities exponentially.


3D mockups; (For various segments) Digital Product Showcase | Catalogs, Social Media and Ecommerce Digital Display of Fabrics, Accessories and Accessories | Digital showcase and for library of 3D creators. Virtual parade | Brand collections; Digital Moulage | Body and mold base scan, Planning to digital modeling transformation; Fashion Book Brand | Brand Building and its applications, Website | Complete Manual; Book Validated Piece or Collection Book | Creation, Planning and Prototype; Advice for Clothing | Production management with partners;

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DRAPPIO is an innovative solution in the creation process for the Fashion Industry.


An unique WebAPP for digitizing models and storage in the clouds that will connect professionals worldwide.

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Incredible Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach with tools that enhance quality while saving you time.


From basic shirts to complex dresses and uniforms, you can virtually do whatever necessary to create new draping, patterns and more.

We are an online CAD together with an Artificial Intelligence that learns with the Fashion Designer.

The AI learns shortcuts during the pattern making production process to help the user on the next time he is performing the same activity.

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With an Ipad or a touch screen you will be able to use your fingers to resize and draw your drapings and send them to the Cad in order to make your designers faster and with more precision. 

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Modellagio was accelerated and supported by

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